Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Raven – Latest Release

The Raven is the first novel in a collection of stories entitled 'The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic'.

It is a fantasy novel set in a prehistoric world of magic and mystery.

"Fantasy fans who like to be transported into a new world of magic will really enjoy this book."The Reader's Hollow

The Blurb -
It is the darkest time in winter, when suns, moons, and stars, all wane from the sky. In the Wolf clan, a baby is born with a powerful Gift, but dangerous omens brand her an Outcast, and the Elders name her Iluna. 
Orphaned since birth, Iluna struggles to find her place in the proud and distrustful Wolf clan, but as her powers bloom, she discovers a mysterious friend. 
Dark magic, war, and treachery soon jeopardize the life of every clan member; many suspect Iluna and her Gift. 
Is this Outcast girl to blame, or is she salvation?
The Raven is now available for purchase at –

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